About the Nunavik Keyboard Layout

The Nunavik syllabic keyboard layout has been in use since the 1970s on the IBM Selectric typewriter and on the Macintosh since the 1980s (using the venerable US System 6 keyboard layout). The only changes are the addition of the Ai-Pai-Tai column on the 3rd keyboard layer (option or alt layer) and several symbols. Other improvements include the elimination of deadkeys (double-strikes) that were necessary to type certain syllabic characters.

The Nunavik keyboard layouts provide a consistent keyboard mapping for syllabic characters regardless of the computer platform or encoding. This means that if you change fonts or computer platform, the syllabic layouts will always be the same. You choose the layout to match the font encoding and Roman language keyboard preference.

There are two sets of keyboard layouts (Unicode and non-Unicode) for each platform (Mac and Windows). This is required for programs and operating systems that are not compatible with Unicode.

The Nunavik Unicode layouts are designed for the AiPaiNutaaq font, but compatible with any syllabic Unicode font (containing Inuktitut characters) such as Pigiarniq and Ballymun.

The Nunavik non-Unicode layouts are designed to work specifically with AiNunavik, AiPaiNunavik and AiPaiNuna fonts, for applications that are not yet Unicode capable.

Non-Unicode layouts for Mac

The non-Unicode layouts were designed for use with AiPaiNunavik and AiPaiNuna fonts, but will also work with any Roman font on your system. Layouts are supplied for "classic" MacOS (OS 7.6-9) and Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar).

There are only two non-Unicode layouts for Mac - Nunavik Canadian English and Nunavik Canadian French. (note that the layouts have slightly different names OS 9 and OS X). The layouts fully emulate the US English and Canadian French layouts supplied by Apple Computer.

Like the Unicode layouts, pressing the CAPS LOCK activates syllabic typing that match the Nunavik standard layouts.

Unicode keyboard layout for Windows

The Nunavik Unicode keyboard layout will only install on Windows NT4, 2000 and XP (it is not compatible with Windows 98).

Due to technical limitations to the Windows keyboard driver, it is impossible to emulate Canadian French and Nunavik syllabic typing in the same layout file therefore only US English emulation is provided. If you normally use a French Canadian operating system, it is strongly recommended to associate the Nunavik Unicode keyboard layout with a different language (i.e. English) in order to easily switch layouts when typing syllabics.

Like the Macintosh layouts, the Nunavik Unicode layout will work with any font on your system, including other Unicode Inuktitut syllabic fonts.

Syllabic typing is activated by pressing the CAPS LOCK key, with the upper two layers accessed with the AltCr (right Alt key) and Shift AltCr (Shift right Alt).

Non-Unicode keyboard layout for Windows

The non-Unicode keyboard layout will work on all versions of Windows. It is designed to work specifically with AiPaiNunavik and AiPaiNuna fonts. Like the Unicode layout, the Nunavik layout emulates the US English keyboard as supplied by Microsoft.

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