About the AiPai Fonts

The AiPai series of syllabic fonts are publication quality typefaces suitable for a wide range of applications. They were designed from the ground up to be space efficient and highly readable under virtually any conditions, from low resolution faxes and office printers right up to high resolution graphic production. The fonts have extensive TrueType hinting programs for superior performance on computer screens at virtually any size, making them ideal for web sites and multimedia applications.

There are several different fonts available from this web site. Each font has specific attributes for compatibility with various computer platforms and file formats.

Note that the use of the AI-PAI-TAI (4th column) syllabic characters are optional, and all users of Inuktitut syllabics (and Roman orthography) are encouraged to adopt these fonts.

AiPaiNutaaq is the latest addition to the AiPaiNunavik family, and the ideal choice for projects requiring both syllabics and Roman scripts, such as bilingual documents and web sites. Because it is a Unicode font, it has not only a full set of Inuktitut syllabic characters, but a full set of matching Roman characters and symbols found in the same fonts already on your computer, such as Times and Arial. It also contains the special Roman characters used in Greenlandic (pre- and post-reform). (note that we only supply Nunavik Inuttitut keyboard layouts, and other layouts will be required to access the other characters in the font).

AiPaiNutaaq follows closely on the original AiPaiNunavik design, but with improved spacing and screen performance. It is very space efficient, taking up to 30 to 40 % less space than other syllabic fonts, yet is highly readable.With extensive kerning and true bold and italic weights, AiPaiNutaaq is perfect for professional publishing applications.

AiPaiNutaaq is fully compatible with other Unicode Inuktitut syllabic fonts such as Pigiarniq, including the Unicode keyboard layouts supplied by the government of Nunavut.

AiPaiNuna is the new and improved AiPaiNunavik font. It is essentially the same font as AiPaiNutaaq, but uses the same 8-bit character set as AiPaiNunavik. Unlike AiPaiNunavik, the syllabics do not have dual encoding (Unicode and AiPai). It is highly recommended that any users of AiPaiNunavik upgrade to this font. Like AiPaiNutaaq, the fonts come with true bold and italic weights and has identical screen and print characteristics.

This was the original font released in 2001. It is provided here for compatibility with documents and applications that would require extensive reformatting if switched to AiPaiNuna.

This font has the same design as the New N Nunavik font family, but is cross-platform and compatible with AiPaiNunavik and the Nunavik keyboard layouts. It is provided here for compatibility with older documents and applications that would require extensive reformatting if switched to AiPaiNunavik. Keep in mind that AiNunavik is not a professional font and it should not be used in production environments.

NOTE: None of these fonts are compatible with documents created with Nunavik, W Nunavik, New Nunavik or any other 7 or 8 bit syllabic fonts. Please see the support section for information on converting documents.

About the Project

In February, 2000 an all-organization committee was formed to oversee development and secure funding to create a new Inuttitut computer font. Advances in computer technology and the emergence of the Internet could not be taken advantage of with the existing fonts, which were created nearly 15 years ago. The Nunavik Font Committee tackled specific issues such as:

・The need to have an Inuttitut font on PC platforms.
・The need to have a larger range of fonts to choose from.
・The desire to return to the traditional way of writing AI-PAI-TAI syllables.
・The desire to have a full Eastern Arctic syllabic character set.
・The desire to have improved screen display for web pages and presentations.
・The need to have a consistent keyboard layout across computer platforms.
・The need for language-specific tools to make Inuttitut on computers easier.
・The goal to make the software available for free to anyone who wanted it.
In March 2001, the first stage of the project was completed with the release of AiPaiNunavik for Windows 98 and Mac OS. The release surpassed all of the stated goals of the committee.

In addition CD-ROMS, keyboard stickers, keyboard layout tent cards and printed documentation was distributed free of charge to all northern villages in Nunavik. The web site was launched, and a toll-free technical support hotline was made available.

Since 2001, the AiPaiNunavik font family has been universally adopted in Nunavik. The fonts are used for professional projects including brochures, annual reports, logos and web sites, as well as for more mundane chores like office correspondence and e-mail.

With the success of the project, the font committee was encouraged to continue development in the use of syllabics on computers. Funding was secured to produce the first unilingual Inuttitut software program, the AiPai Typing Tutor.

Funding was also secured to continue development of the Unicode version of AiPaiNunavik, called AiPaiNutaaq, released in April 2003. Coinciding with the improvements to AiPaiNutaaq, a new version of the AiPaiNunavik font, called AiPaiNuna, was simultaneously released.

With the completion of the fonts, the project is now moving into its third stage, the creation of software tools that will further eliminate the barriers to computing in syllabics. The first tool, the AiPaiNunavik to Unicode Converter, is currently under development and will be released by the third quarter of 2003.

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AiPaiNutaaqはAiPaiNunavikファミリの最新製品、及びそのようなバイリンガル文書やWebサイトなど音節とローマ字の両方を必要とするプロジェクトのための理想的な選択肢です。それはUnicodeフォントですので、イヌクティトゥト語音節文字のフルセットが、そのようなTimesやArialなど既にコンピュータ上に同じフォントで発見ローマの文字や記号をマッチングのフルセットだけでなく、持っています。 また、グリーンランド語(プリ·ポスト改革)で使用される特殊ローマン文字が含まれています。 (我々は唯一のヌナビックInuttitutキーボードレイアウトを指定することに注意して、他のレイアウトはフォント内の他の文字にアクセスする必要があります)。


グアム、ロイズ、ラ・フランス、TGIフライデーズ、グアムのレストラン、プラネット ハリウッド、パーム・カフェ
グアムのゴルフやレンタルクラブ、グアム ゴルフのゴルフ場のキャンペーン情報や海外旅行などダンロップのゼクシオ。
グアムの天気、グアムのシーウォーカー、グアム 無線LAN、ココスアイランド、オーシャンジェットクラブ、チャモロビレッジ
明日はさっそくオンワード タロフォフォ ゴルフクラブに行く予定です。あぁ、でも数年ぶりだからなぁ・・・酷いスコアにならなけれないいけど、ちょっと心配です。